Always FRESH & NATURAL Fruit Creations.

Our first rule is that we use nothing frozen and we avoid powder additives, unless requested by the client (i.e. protein).

Our Juices, besides being delicious, are 100% FRESH, RAW fruit and/or vegetables, squeezed in front of the client, where you can see the freshness. Based on the beneficial properties of natural fruit & vegetables, our juices contain the appropriate combination of fresh vegetables and/or fruit to combat stress, cholesterol, diabetes and other common ailments. It is unbelievable, that something that tastes so good can also be so good for your health.

Our Fresh Fruit Cocktails are finely diced in front of the client, served in a cup with a spicy & lemony twist that makes you pucker - ideal for those who like to give a little kick to their taste buds.

Our Fresh Fruit Parfaits with a delicious special sweet cream or with yogurt or cottage cheese & honey, plus granola, coconut & raisins are ideal as a healthy breakfast starter, mid-day lunch or light dinner. You are sure to agree that it is a delicious & healthy full-meal anytime of the day. ALWAYS FRESH, ALWAYS NATURAL, & ALWAYS HEALTHY! Ask for our frequent buyer card and earn free menu items!

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