Proudly brought to you by Fruit Revolution, are healthy juices and fresh-fruit parfaits that are complete and nutritious meals in a cup, with unbeatable freshness and excellent taste.

Therefore, in an effort to provide a healthy alternative to our youth and because we strongly believe in supporting the community, in which we live and work, is that Fruit Revolution Sponsors Benefits for Nonprofit Organizations. These benefits can be very successful, and are a true "win-win" situation for everyone. Here are a few simple steps for having a special day, night or week at Fruit Revolution:

   1  Organize your group, so you can pick your day, night or week early.
   2  Available anytime, except rush hour lunch 11-3 or Saturday & Sunday. Our        management staff will assist you with selecting an available date that is        convenient for your group.
   3  Confirm the date by calling Fruit Revolution at 626-965-1800 (Walnut) or
323-838-2570 (Montebello). We will need the name, address, and telephone
       number of the contact person and the group name.
   4  Promote your benefit, and tell everyone the date of your event. Get family,        friends, neighbors, business associates, etc. to eat at Fruit Revolution on your        day, night or week. Inform your people to let our staff know they are here for        your specific benefit. You will receive 15% of the sales from the people from your        benefit who eat with us. As a result, the more people who come, the more money        you make! In an effort to be sensitive to our other guests we can not allow signs        or soliciting at the restaurant.
   5  Within ten days of your event, a check made out to your non-profit organization        will be waiting for you to pick up.

These nights can be very successful because they are a true "win-win". The group wins by raising money for their cause. Fruit Revolution wins by supporting our guest charities and gaining new customers. Please give us a call so we can set a special day, night or week for you and your group. We look forward to working with you and learning more about your organization.

For any comments or suggestions please send us an email to: